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Your favourite bands are SA-bound

Jomiro Eming

Conventionally, a musician will advertise their concert, and encourage fans to buy tickets. In South Africa, however, our repertoire of fame in terms of bands having toured the country is mediocre in comparison to other countries worldwide. So, Inbound Sound has finally turned the tables around: now, fans buy their tickets first, and then encourage the artist to collect their money by booking a concert.

Inbound Sound co-founder Richard Theunissen expresses what most South Africans feel, in that they “usually just have to wait for [their] favourite artists to arrive,” and “don’t really have a say in the matter on which artists the promoters bring out here.”

This online company launched in 2015, and has since garnered over 10 000 likes on their Facebook page. The concert crowd-funding initiative allows users to create “concert pages” in order to rally support by way of pre-emptively buying one’s ticket upfront. Registering to the website is free, and members only pay by purchasing a ticket on the concert page they wish to support.

Similar to other fundraising or crowd-funding initiative, a goal is set with an end date, and different tiers can then be selected by fans according to how much they are willing to spend. Theunissen explains that the money will be completely refunded to a member if a concert does not happen, and the company’s profits come solely from concerts they have succeeded in bringing to the country. In other words, they have an investment in responding to the concert pages you create, and you can join risk-free to get both local and international artists to perform that might never have otherwise done so.

By collecting pre-sales for a concert that does not even exist, the theory is that Inbound Sound can approach promoters and artists with a guaranteed audience. It fosters a natural motivation and work ethic in its employees to succeed by only taking profit from successful signings, provides an easy and risk-free middle-ground platform for fans to show their commitment and enthusiasm, and a failsafe opportunity for musicians and artists to venture into South Africa.

Inbound Sound is currently running a number of competitions to further increase their membership base, as its success relies on both numbers and a concerted “team effort.” If this company does what it says it can, however, South Africa may very well see the likes of  Marilyn Manson, Incubus, Sia, Adele, or Drake grace our shores.

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