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You know what they say about Chokers…

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Today’s fashion requires more of an edge and ultimately more “Pa’zazz”. Obviously the easiest place to get that edgy look from is accessorising. The more trendy way of doing so would seem to be the choker. The  close fitting necklace has made it’s rounds with various pieces of material. Such as beads, lace, Satin, beads, the standard jewellery material like silver and more recent Denim. Though there’s so much that you may not have known about this world wide trend.

So here are some quick facts about the chocker:

  1. 1800sBefore the Kardashians made it famous, according to Jewelry Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the trend has reoccurred in fashion for over thousands of years. “first gracing the world’s earliest civilizations: the Summer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt”.
  2. So according to the National Review, there is a more complex history behind the choker. “Women used to wear them because the severe iodine deficiency in the high altitudes of the Alps would cause them to have goiters,” Geerkens writes. “In order to hide these lumps or the scars they would receive from having them removed, they adorned their necks with chokers.”
  3. In the 90s chokers were seen worn by those who aspired to portray edgier looks. The ultimate “rocker” look was the end goal, which meant that you saw choker like the infamous tattoo choker. This was seen a lot on celebrities like Britany Spears and Christina Aguilera. The more classier choker that we saw on the red carpet was generally made of diamonds.choker 4
  4. It can be worn with anything and everything you find in your closet. From the night time look that you want toachieve before heading to 37 on New. To the sheek casual look you wearing to that dawnie.choker 5
  5. Even though there was a predicted end for them in 2017, as they ruled 2016, Bustle choker 2explained that it seems like the trend doesn’t want to die down. “Chokers are still on the map for spring 2017, albeit in a more delicate way, with designers like Céline and Tommy Hilfiger showing them back to several looks on the runway”.

Well you do know what they say about classics?

Image sources: Pinterest and The Dairy of Jewelry Lover

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