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Winners Announced for Ludum Dare 26


By Barrie Lake

Create a game from scratch in 48 hours – this is the challenge posed by the Ludum Dare competition.

During the final weekend of April, 1610 people accepted the challenge by creating games based on the theme “Minimalism” for Ludum Dare 26.

The winner was announced on 22 May: MONO, developed by TimTipGames. The developer describes this game as “art inspired”; a game where the player “controls an eye through a series of levels which feature puzzle and skill based elements.”

Ludum Dare also involves a ‘Jam’ competition, which runs alongside the 48-hour competition. The Jam competition has more relaxed rules, including a longer time limit of 72 hours. Out of 736 entries, the winner of the Jam competition was Leaf Me Alone, a serene exploration platformer by Mark Foster and David Fenn. “We tried to focus on the feel of the world and the ambience to make it seem like a nice place to wander around,” says Foster.

Ludum Dare (Latin for “to give a game”) was established in 2002, with the first 48 hour competition taking place over the weekend of 15 July that year. Competitions are now held in April, August and December every year. Each competition sees developers creating games based on a given theme.

After the games have been submitted, there is a period of about three weeks in which people can play the games and rate them. Each game is rated according to several categories, including graphics, audio, fun and innovation, and the game with the highest overall rating wins.

To play all of the entries from Ludum Dare 26, head over to the competition site.

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