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Tunnel Vision Festival


With exams looming, why not shake the end of year jitters off at the Tunnel Vision Festival?

The mammoth psytrance and electro gathering will take place on the 27 – 28 October at the Three Chimneys Farm, located just outside Grahamstown’s residential area.

The venue will have two stages open and pumping from 14:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. The Psychosis stage will be bringing sick psytrance from the likes of Rubix Qube and Bio Rhythm while the Tunnels area will be hosting electronic DJ’s Mass FX and Jam Jarr (all the way from Cape Town) amongst others.

Stalls will be selling clothing, liquor and food will be there to cater to your early-morning cravings.

Tickets are R60 presold and R80 at the gate. You can get your grubby paws on some tickets from the following places:

  • DnE Nightlub (in PE)
  • Under the Arch shop (in Gtown)
  • Eldorados (in PE)

Check out Tunnel Vision Festival’s Facebook event page for details on how to get to Three Chimneys Farm and to stay updated with the event.


-Youlendree Appasamy-