Tomorrowland festival to come to South Africa in 2015

By Leah Solomon

Yes, the rumours are true, the world famous electronic music festival, TomorrowLand, will be coming to South Africa in February 2015.

TomorrowLand, which has been held in Belgium for the past eight years, is one of the largest and sought after international electronic music festivals. It has seen the likes of Tiesto, David Guetta, Skrillex and Paul Van Dyk grace the stage.

The festival has the ability to host approximately 80, 000 festival-goers, but this year’s festival held in July saw 180, 000 people flock to the gates. The tickets sold out in just an hour and there were 2.6 million people who were still on the waiting list.

TomorrowLand’s international concept, ‘TomorrowWorld’ will be heading to our sunny shores, and Cape Town will be the lucky city that will get to host this event.

VWV Massive, a sponsorship and entertainment agency that branches off of VWV Group, bought the rights to stage the festival in our country. Quoted in an article on, Lloyd Cornwall from the agency said that they expect it to be the biggest thing South Africa has seen since we hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Cornwall carried on to say that they expect an influx of 12, 000 tourists for the event and that the cost of the event will be near R120 million. Renovating the venue, which is located in Fairview, is already costing R10 million.

However, despite the hefty amount of money flowing into this event, Cornwall said that it all goes towards creating a high-quality, high-standard festival site.

According to ReviewMe, tickets will be released in 2014 and they should cost R1, 500 for the whole weekend.

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  • Shubh

    I love tommorowland and waiting for 2015 tommorowland . for more details check

  • colesele papiso

    its going to brazil not mzansi, it was just a rumor that it will be hosted in capetown

  • mol mol

    hellllllooooo, where is exactlly
    tomorrow land?

  • Haly


    Any idea when the tickets will be available for sale and via whom please

  • Bakhtiar

    i want to know what is the total package/cost of tomorrowland 2015 where should it happen and when the tickets will be sold out?

  • Guest

    i want to know what is the total package of tomorrowland 2015 where would it happen and when the tickets will sold out?


    why doesnt it ever come to durban, please bring tomorrowland to durban , there are so many EDM fans here too, and forever lasting we miss out , first it was UMF now TOMORROWLAND . :’(

  • Chadin Cheslyn Colre Bennie

    yes can anyone let me know when the tickets will be out ? and if you gonna be there let me know lol

  • Th?nk !ndustr!es
  • Bilal Emre Naidoo

    Hey how’s it guys I’d like to know when tomorrowland 2015 tickets will be out

  • S’viwe Otto

    Tomorrow Land 2015, I the legendary Otto is gona be there for the legendary event featuring LEGENDARY other people.

  • sbosh

    wow can’t OMG I was watching the 2012 concert Daaaaaaaamn

  • http://activateonline K.Bear

    When are tickets out?!

  • Vusi


  • FckNoTomorrowLandCapeBooo


    Just like SA to copy something remarkable. It’s origin is Belgium and if you ever want to experience Tomorrowland do it there. Might as well call this the SA Idols of Tomorrowland, more fail pls.

  • http://Google Kelli

    Age restriction ?

  • Johnny

    Are the tickets released yet?? Can’t wait any more!!!

  • Clint Joubert

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez we know its in Feb just give us the date as it would be a dream come true

  • http://facebook sanu

    collest and the madest d.j`s will be playing we all gota blast it plzzz let us knw wen the tickets r out ill be the first guy to book it waiting for u south africa, africa unite

  • Jonathan

    As far as im aware and the website says its 21+

  • Gerard

    Ultra2014 was Epic….Bring on Tomorrowland2015 !!

  • Anonymous

    Hey I’m Turning 15 nxt year will I be allowed to go to tomorrowland in 2015 .. I really wanna go for it ..plz reply :)

  • Natz_Mauritius

    Will a package be available for Mauritius? Tomorrowland’s nearer to our island, we so don’t want to miss that…no matter what price it is!!!

  • chopstix

    Oooooooooh lets gooooooooooo

  • Jess

    Holy moly, finally! Will be able to be part of this awesome festival and party like the good ol’ days!! Cape Town here we come…….wooohoooo!!

  • Xolisa

    cnt wait….. Tomorrooooooooowland.

  • Ashleigh Fortuine

    Not knowing when those tickets will be released is killing me!!!! I need to know

  • meg

    I’m 18 that year!! Pls pls pls!!! Let it be that we can be 18 that year and can stil go!!! Without having to be 18 before feb! Prices too pls!!

  • paul

    Hey guys when can we get tickets for tomorrowland 2015 me and my bro must go

  • _Bossie

    wil i be able to get in if i turn 18 in that year??????

  • _Bossie

    wil i be able to get in if i turn 16 in that year??????

  • Moe_Peer

    Tommorrowland i love you im only 16 but with bribery i hope ill be able to get in

  • Arvindh

    I can’t wait for this!!! All my life I waited for something this big and here it is!!! I need the prices and the date which the tickets are sold!! ASAP!! I need this more than anything in the world!!! :)



  • BliZniX777

    What date will the tickets be released and we are yet to hear about an exact price of the tickets??

  • Sinan Samuels

    A must experience! !!!

  • Sinan Samuels

    I am going thats for sure.
    Best artist at 1 venue
    Experience! !!! $miles :)

  • zuraan

    Hey Guys, Please can you advise me when tickets would possibly go on sale and who will be selling them, also is there a waiting list one could go on to in the mean time, I’d be devastated if I don’t get tickets.. This is the maddest event on planet earth!!! #amped #tomorrowland2015 #SA

  • Khanyisa Fikyle Balman

    Money is no object!,where can we buy the tickets?!

  • http://gmail adrian

    email me with all the details please

  • http://gmail adrian

    we live for the party lifestyle let me knw asap when the tickets are out,me and my buddies need 2 be at this epic festival its going 2 be legend and ima go on ape

  • lorenzo green

    It would be an experience of a lifetime no matter the cost just get it confirmed that it will be held here in Cape Town

  • Emre

    Supppppper excited can’t wait!!!!..Please please let us know when tickets are out! way I’m missing this

  • lerato

    please inform me when tickets are on sale asap

  • lerato

    pls iform when tickets are on sale asp

  • courtney jansen van niewenhuizen

    What’s the age restriction? I’m 17 then , is that okay?

  • leonel

    if we are 17 and we whant to go, can we go with some one older wiht us so we can go in..???
    And how much is it?

  • bianca

    Please email me with A.L.L the details!!!!!

  • erich

    I know the tickets are priced at R1500 but when will they go on sale in 2014??? I NEED TO KNOW!!! THIS IS GONA BE LEGEND!!!!

  • tyrone

    sooooooooo we all cnt wait for this so in the mean time whos cumin with to Belgium

  • lee

    Can’t w8 4 2015 tomorrow land gna b epic n cmen? all da Wy 4rm durbz ² capes jst 4 tomorrow . . .

  • http://face Amin

    what’s the price of the ticket ?!

  • Anusha

    Plse let me knw wen tickets go on sale? Cnt wait…toooooo excited!!! :-)

  • Sage

    The Tomorrowland In Belgium allows people that are 18 or PEOPLE WHO ARE TURNING 18 in the year of the festival to attend the festival e.g if the festival is in feb and you are only turning 18 in October then you will be allowed to attend. PLEASE do the same for this one. Don’t change it PLEASE.

  • Pearl

    katla daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dark or blue ka ndlondlo

  • Pearl

    cnt wait to get my ticket

  • CJ van Vuuren

    Where do we find out pricing for this?

  • Jazmine

    When and where do we get tickets for 2015
    And is there a site with can go to
    To keep posted about tickets
    So keen :)

  • kat

    Whats the exact date tickets go on sale?

  • Tshidee

    Johannesburg pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssse

  • Sershan

    Can’t wait to be apart of history….. CAPE TOWN 2015 HERE I COME.

  • http://tweeter @taariq tiqua

    Tomorrowland south event to happen yet..please do keep me posted..let me know when tickets goes on sale rumor has it that tickets going for 1, much truth in that..have to find out more info about event..where does one go for more info

  • silviena

    im getting an addrenlin rush already just of thinking how insane its gona be

  • Arai

    Where you can but tickets and how much?

  • heinrich

    I am 17 in 2015 can I enter at the gates

  • muhammed

    What is the age restriction for tomorrowland???

  • EJ

    sorry guys. this article is full of inaccuracies. Nothing has been confirmed.

    Please see official statement by Fairview: “…the executive committee would like to put these rumours to bed, and confirm that the #Tomorrowland event will not be held at Fairview Wine and Cheese farm in Paarl”.
    ~ Fairview Wine and Cheese

    Also Cornwall has retracted his initial statement and published a revised press release.

  • tasneem

    sooooo amped … when do tickets get released ? is there already a waiting list ? what site can i get my tickets from ? eeeeeeeee this is so exciting cant wait ….

  • Zayd

    Pleeeaaase let us know when tickets are available!!!

  • Lee

    Rumour has it that the age limit will be 21…how true is this?

  • Excited

    I realli can’t wait for Tomorrowland!!!

  • Leah Solomon

    Hey guys :) We have yet to hear of anything about when exactly tickets will be sold. But, when we do, we will post it on here for you! So keep your eyes glued to this website!

  • Ruaan

    Want to know when the tickets are going to be released!

  • shanice

    When will we be able to purchase tickets?

  • shanelle

    Please can some 1 email where can I buy tickets from oh be on a waiting list for tickets?

  • sabeehah

    Is it going to be over 18 or over 21?

    • Taylor

      If you going to sit and complain about something this great coming to South Africa then stay at home and sleep rather, cause no one wants to hear u!

    • peter

      Must you be 18 to go or if you turn 18 that year can you stil go please help me out

    • Dean

      Its international so will prob be 21 as thats the age in most other countries

  • Ranger

    I see a cess pool for theft at this party. If its anything Like Psy Trance parties that we currently have in SA.. Its insane how many drug scum goes there just to steal shit. Its for their habit ofcourse. So fucked up. But still Cant wait!!!

  • JC Bonnici

    Everyone should follow LeahSolomon93 on twitter. She writes things about music festivals all over South Africa and will keep you up to date.

  • reonette

    Are the tickets already sold out????

  • http://google Eli

    What is the price for the tickets for 2015?? please I want to start saving up..

  • Lethu

    Damn!! Guess Cape Town is mine in 2015 please do inform us when the tickets will be released we don’t care about the price we wanna be part of HISTORY!!

  • Ruben

    Please send me an e-mail or let me know when the tickets are available ! Don’t care what the prices are just want to buy when it’s released!! Want to be part of history

  • Sebastian

    Ahhh my gosh!!! Am I actually reading this or am I dreaming! 2015 its going down… Need to desperately find out when tickets get released

  • donna

    Please please please let me know where we can buy the tickets when its available!!!! Can’t wait super dooper excited!!!

  • RuanB

    Plz let us know where and when we can buy those tickets asap…

  • chad chucky

    Please please notify us asap :’( I need those tickets… No matter what the price

  • Loepie

    Omf!! Is there way to be notified when tickets wil be available ??

  • Wink

    Forget the price where will these tickets be sold!?

  • Judia

    Where can we get the prices for tomorrowland 2015? Super excited!!!!

    • DavidMann

      A set price for the tickets doesn’t seem to have been announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

    • ashton

      hoooow much are the tickets??? :) :)