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The Top 28 Tweets from Last Night’s Grazzle

 Kim Burrell 

Last night’s debate was a colourful event with the candidates for presidency, treasurer and secretary general all presenting their manifestos to the student body. The event had its fair share of interesting moments and comments. Activate has looked through its twitter timeline to curate a list of the most interesting tweets of the debate.

  1. I will ensure that basic and simple methods of communication are implemented to communicate the SRC’s goal and activities.” – Ashley Zikhali, running for secretary general. #RUGrazzle17

  1. Lukhanyo Tshongweni, candidate for treasurer, hopes to “tighten the budget, by cutting down unnecessary spending, because after there will be a need to account to students.”

  1. “I cannot promise to find all the solutions, but if I can fund one student I have done my part.” – Tshongweni #RUGrazzle17

  1. Khensani Maseko, running for president, hopes to raise half a million rand towards the Ubuntu Fund. #RUGrazzle17

  1. According to Maseko the Ubuntu Fund is working document that has existed for three years, but thanks to 2017 SRC is ready to be implemented. #RUGrazzle17

  1. A student to Maseko: “There seems to be a cognitive dissonance with you as a leader and you on Twitter.” #RUGrazzle17

  1. “As president I will harmonise the relationship between SRC and student body.” – Kuda Chingono, the second candidate for president #RUGrazzle17

  1. “I am an empathetic leader who listens well to concerns, and respects them.” – Chingono #RUGrazzle17

  1. “I am a woman first. This is a strength not a weakness.” – Chingono #RUGrazzle17

  1. “I have experienced many types of oppression. It has taught me to identify issues and I will use the strength this affords me to ensure that all discrimination at UCKAR is combated.” – Chingono #RUGrazzle17


  1. “I understand that I am Zimbawean, but I am here to represent the student body, not just Zimbabwe.” – Chingono #RUGrazzle17

  1. “I want you to imagine converting the Steve Biko buildings into a shopping complex.” –Tieko Thotse, the next presidential candidate to speak #RUGrazzle17

  1. “We will be creating jobs.” – Thotse #RUGrazzle

  1. Student:” You said you want Rhodes to stop outsourcing. Then you said you want to turn Steve Biko into a shopping complex with big companies, thus outsourcing – plus, big companies will bring their own workers and UCKAR does not have funds to do this on their own without big companies.” – student #RUGrazzle



  1. “You just have to be transparent. If you are transparent and tell students what actually happens, they will believe you.” – Thotse #RUGrazzl

  1. The panel to Thotse: “Your theme is “building the institution of our dreams. We all have our dreams, how will you take this into account. What is this ‘our dreams’ thing?” #RUgrazzle


Thotse’s response; “If you’d been involved in FMF, you’d heard people’s dreams… A transformed, declonised institution where people don’t sleep on empty stomachs.” #RUGrazzle17


  1. Next was Nhlakanipho Mahlangu, whose manifesto states: “I envision an SRC that runs like a machine, meticulous and disciplined.”RUGrazzle17

  1. “The role of an SRC must find expression in the lives of students.” – Mahlangu #RUGrazzle17

  1. “We cannot claim to be leaders when we do not know the students we claim to lead.” – Mahlangu #RUGrazzle17

  1. “We as students must pioneer our own freedom, with future generations in mind.” – Mahlangu #RUGrazzle17

  1. Panel question: “You talk about amplifying the voice of students. Where these conflict particularly with activism vs apathy, how do you still achieve a resolution?” #RUGrazzle


  1. Mahlangu’s response: “Students must not be able to claim that SRC did not allow them a platform, or that they were oppressed for their views – this is what I mean by amplification, not the amplification of one over the other.” – Mahlangu #RUGrazzle17


  1. The final candidate to speak is Langa Nyanda, “the conversation around gender neutral reses must happen, and the naming of these reses needs to be brought to the fore.”


  1. “As a person in a position of privilege, when someone oppressed speaks, you need to sit down and listen.” – Nyanda #RUGrazzle17

  1. “The SRC needs to play a more active role in bringing Grahamstown students from disadvantaged backgrounds to Rhodes.” – Nyanda #RUGrazzle17

  1. Panel question to Chingono: “Given the choice between a diversity and a disability centre, which you would choose?” #RUGrazzle17

  1. Chingono’s response: “Diversity, because it is inclusive of many issues, not just the one.” #RUGrazzle

  1. “I will put my life on the line. If I am deported, I will be deported doing something for the student body.” – Chingono

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