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The Thorny Tale

Thando Mbilini

Pain, Blame, Shame and Fame embraced me
Scares, marks, stitches and bruises clothed me
Tears always awakened my numb heart

You kept me in hospital more than any other place
Till this day the story is told by the scars on my face
I let you, because I vowed till death do us part

You cut my skin and crushed my soul
And I bled and wept for your soul
All along it was your choice to make

Silently in the wee hours of the morning
I’d wait patiently in my sleep, for your calling
I stayed all along for our children’s sake

I was saved by your death’s might
Even years later…I lay awake at night
And my scars still tell the thorny tale.

Written about my grandmother, for my grandmother, and how she rose-up against the odds and fought for what she believed in.

Photo sourced from: antipoachingmarathon.wordpress.com

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