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The Rhodes University Exchange Program

how to discover new places, cultures and people while still earning your degree

– Adam Butler

Exchange and Semester Abroad students from outside South Africa are an integral part of the Rhodes University community, often forming close and lasting attachments to the Rhodes students during their short stay. However, few students realise their own opportunity to study abroad through Rhodes’ international exchange program. Activate sat down with the International Office’s Tlamelo Mothudi to hear all about the program, and how students can get involved.

The International Office coordinates both incoming and outgoing exchange students as part of the university’s commitment to internationalisation. Increasing Rhodes University students’ exposure to cultures and experiences other than their own gives students a broader viewpoint to understand other people, and reflect on their own culture. The absorption of international learners from other universities, into the fabric of the student body, and learning from the experiences of Rhodes students on exchange elsewhere, are paramount for laying a foundation on which future travel and international study can be built upon. Finally, diversifying the student and staff bodies at Rhodes also allows for global networks to be established, supporting international research and creating valuable links with the academic community across the world, enriching Rhodes University itself.

The International Office of Rhodes University has exchange agreements with 47 institutions in 12 countries – from Zimbabwe and Botswana to China, Australia and the UK. The various options for universities and courses carry two basic payment options:

  1. Tuition exchanges: Rhodes students pay Rhodes tuition fees and are exempt from paying the host Universities Tuition fee but are required to pay the host country’s accommodation fees.
  2. Tuition and accommodation exchanges: Rhodes students pay Rhodes fees for both, and are exempt from paying the host Universities tuition and accommodation fees.

In depth research and preparation is crucial for any student wanting to go on exchange. Students need to ensure that in the event that their application is accepted, their documentation is valid, and the respective Rhodes departments will accredit their international courses.

Once students have done their research and completed their application forms, the International Office is there to facilitate their exchange process and, where students have applied for additional funding, make recommendations on their behalf to host institutions. Options are limited and vary according to university and course, and less financially advantaged students are prioritised. The payment options are all detailed in the Exchange Handbook, and further information can also be found on the Rhodes website’s international section.

Interested students will be able to apply for exchange in either semester of 2019 from 21 May 2018, and must do so before the deadline of 17 August 2018. Find more information here, and kickstart your own incre

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