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The Monastery quells rumours of closure


Popular Grahamstown nightclub, The Monastery, suffered a break in recently and a large amount of money and equipment were stolen, leading to rumours of the club closing down permanently.

Mon was broken into on Thursday the 13 September, a month before their ‘birthday’. Owner Daniel Long says that the theft has hit them quite hard with the loss totalling to R90 000.“They really cleaned us out, they stole equipment, speakers, cash boxes, extra stock, a laptop and an iPad,” says Long. “They even stole my oldest pair of shoes!”

While the club will not be closing, the theft has set the business back significantly.

“We’ll basically be starting from scratch and it’ll take a while for us to get back on our feet so we need a lot of support from all of our customers,” says Long.

Regular DJ at The Monastery, Justin Shaw, adds, “We can’t close down, the students need somewhere to go and just lose their minds and we’ll always be here to provide that and do what we do best, which is playing good bass music.”

The Monastery held a small comeback event to quell rumours of closure.

Long stressed that constant support is crucial and that customers don’t only have to come to The Monastery at night.

“We’re open during the day too, providing great music, food and a place to just chill out before a hectic night, so people must pull through,” says Long.

“It’s up to you,” says Shaw “What are you going to do?”

-David Mann-