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The issue of safety in Grahamstown

Kate Middleton

In the last week, Rhodes University and Grahamstown has experienced an increase in muggings from campus, all the way through to town. Students and residents alike have been posting their accounts of various instances of muggings and attacks both on and off campus on various social media platforms, more specifically on Facebook.Untitled

On campus, there was a report of an assault case at Robert Sobukwe Residence, formerly known as Jan Smuts Residence, which is under investigation by the relevant authorities. In addition, there was a report of another attack and mugging of another female student on campus, which is also under investigation.

Off campus, there have been various muggings and attacks posted about on the UCKAR  Student Body Page 2017 and the Rhodes SRC Facebook pages. Many of these cases have occurred during the day, making Oppidan students who live off campus, feel unsafe to walk to and from lectures. Reports have been given that criminals are acting out of vehicles. More recently reports on a mysterious silver/gray Hyundai stopping people, taking their belongs and running back into the car and driving away. There have also been reported that they have been attacked by car guards on streets such as New Street and High Street, popular spaces among students.

These instances have escalated drastically since the beginning of the year and could be announcing a dramatic change to the Grahamstown that many of us know; one where it is safe to walk the streets alone during the day. No communication has been made from the university itself about these escalated muggings, though student have warned eachEmergency Numbers other which areas to steer clear of.

Activate has complied emergency contacts, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are a victim of a mugging.

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