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The Harder the Band, The Softer the Guys

Kayla Molander

Slipstream was an intense scene on Wednesday night for the Grahamstown debut of God Mother, an up-and-coming Swedish grindcore band currently touring through South Africa. Pitchfork.com rated their first full-length album, Maktbehov in the top 10 best metal albums of 2015. Opening their shows in South Africa is Maximum Carnage from Pretoria, a hardcore band that rocks-out equally as hard, so the set-up is sure to please.

God Mother delivers a lively performance, complete with a jumping bass player, Daniel Noring, and a vocalist, Sebastian August Campbell, who cannot stand still. Campbell sings in and amongst the audience, and head bangs with them as well.  Guitarist Max Lindström, who hails from a funk background, told Activate in an interview before the show he likes playing metal music because he can play it as loud as he wants to – and he didn’t disappoint.

God Mother is an exceptionally kind and welcoming group, and offered a very engaging conversation. According to drummer Michael Dahlström (26), “the harder the metal band, the softer the guys.”

When questioned about the success of their latest album, the group cites their combined effort and determination. “We put a lot more time and energy into it,” says Dahlström. “Do your own thing and be friendly,” adds Campbell. “If you want to do music, you’ll find a way.”

Another important factor to their music is how well they work together. “If you don’t like each other it could be a f****** nightmare,” says Dahlström. “The four of us, we’re used to touring and we know each other’s habits,” adds Lindström.

“There have been a few bumps that we’ve learned to deal with, but I think we’re pretty mellow. We mesh well,” says Campbell.

Their biggest musical influence as a group is Converge, an American metalcore band. But even they need a break at times from the metal scene. “When we’re on tour like this, playing every day, we don’t even want to listen to metal in the car,” says Dahlström.  “We listen to hip hop and electro and you get enough of the playing with two or three metal bands every night,” he adds.

Lastly, they offer a bit of advice for any Rhodes student trying to pursue a career in music. “A lot of people are lazy and they don’t know what to do,” says Dahlström. “You need to knock on every door that you can find,” adds Lindström.

The guys love South Africa, especially the beauty and the animals they don’t get to see in Sweden, so if they come back for another tour, be sure to check them out. In the meantime, you should definitely check out their album.

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