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September, 2016

  • 29 September

    What #FeesMustFall means in a country lacking democracy


    Ophelia Milton April 1994, people of all races flocked to the voting station. The results of these elections marked an era of change and optimism for not only the South African people, but also the growth of democracy. However, with under 30’s making up only 24% of the total registered …

August, 2016

  • 2 August

    Why You Should Vote

    municipal elections

    Mike Da Silva The year 2016 has been especially turbulent in terms of politics, not just because it is an election year – but because of everything that happened in 2015. From Fees Must Fall to the more recent RU Results, this generation of students  has had a lot to fight …

May, 2014

  • 29 May

    “No intellectuals in the DA” – Eusebius Mckaiser

    Eusebius McKaiser

    Speaking on Friday 23 May at the 12th annual Teach-In public lecture series hosted by the Rhodes University Department of Politics and International studies, Eusebius Mckaiser followed on what he said at his book launch the previous night and continued to give his direct views on the Democratic Alliance (DA). …

  • 9 May

    Elections proceed smoothly at Rhodes University


    Wednesday 7th May marked the fifth national and provincial elections since the advent of democracy in 1994. Rhodes University students, most of them voting for the first time, came out in their numbers to participate in the most competitive and anticipated election in twenty years. A record of 25.3 million …