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February, 2018

  • 8 February

    Rhodes’ Memory Lane.

    image via The Citizen

      Kerryn Cockbain Welcome to Rhodes 2018 and to all our resident G18’s, Activate congratulates you on starting your race here. The bright spark of optimism and youth which you bring to campus, brings a refreshing shot of hope to those of us who are returning for yet another lap …

August, 2017

  • 15 August

    The Best Masks for Dry-Skin

    images (59)

    Mbali Sibisi Over the past few years I have noticed that during the colder seasons my skin gets dry and flakey and as a result starts to peel. I decided to start using homemade face masks. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive and easily accessible. These masks are amazing as …

April, 2016

  • 20 April

    Fighting the FOMO

    MY GTOWN 13

    Ciara O’Donoghue It’s Wednesday night. You have a massive assignment due for the next morning, which you haven’t even started. Not only is it two-for-one tonight, but it is also your friend’s 21st birthday. You take a moment to contemplate your life. Sometimes you just have to say no. As …

  • 18 April

    Game of Rhodes 2016

    Fullscreen capture 20160407 12659 PM.bmp

    Jomiro Eming In a world of assignments that simply get lost amidst the 400 other pages of bore, of examination papers where your only individuality comes after the “g” in your student number, of walking past lecturers you’ve had for a year and… “Sorry, who are you again?” Not anymore, …

  • 16 April

    Five Free Apps every Rhodent Should Consider Using


    Frances Housdon Although we give our devices excessive grief when they chose not to perform at 100% or get frustrated when RUConnected takes a fraction longer to load than normal, most of the time our devices could be used far more effectively on campus than we thought. We know storage …