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May, 2018

  • 16 May

    The power of silence.

    Sourced: Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters.

    Shay Visser Aung San Suu Kyi is an international symbol of determination and dedication to the protection of human rights. The Nobel Laureate is known around the world as a stoic woman who has lived through struggle upon struggle for what she believed in. The daughter of a freedom-fighter, she …

March, 2017

  • 31 March

    The reshuffling of an already-weak hand of cards.


    Geoffrey Shein President Jacob Zuma fired Minister Pravin Gordhan last night. Zuma held an emergency meeting at his residential home where he announced the reshuffling of his cabinet along with the ousting of several ministers. This political reshuffling has removed the stalwart guardian of treasury: Pravin Gordhan. Now ex-minister, Pravin …

September, 2016

  • 29 September

    What #FeesMustFall means in a country lacking democracy


    Ophelia Milton April 1994, people of all races flocked to the voting station. The results of these elections marked an era of change and optimism for not only the South African people, but also the growth of democracy. However, with under 30’s making up only 24% of the total registered …

May, 2013

  • 20 May

    Column: Every graduate is a potential employer

      By Mabine Seabe II A recent survey commissioned by Youth Lab and conducted by Pondering Panda, revealed that the two main issues which young South Africans grapple with are education and unemployment. This is not surprising, considering that the World Economic Forum ranks the quality of South Africa’s maths …

March, 2012

  • 5 March

    ANC Requests a New Constitution

    By Neo Khoza The South African government has proposed drastic changes to the constitution. This includes  scrapping the “sunset clauses” and changing the powers of the Reserve Bank and provinces. The ruling party wants to change the “narrow mandate” of the Reserve Bank and recruit children for the ANC from …