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September, 2017

  • 26 September

    Do Hurricanes Signal Climate Change?


    Jomiro Eming In the devastation left behind by hurricanes Harvey and Irma over the past weeks in the United States and the Caribbean, we are left shocked and stunned by their intensity: Harvey deposited 33 trillion gallons of water onto U.S. land, and Irma had as much cyclonic energy as …

October, 2016

  • 12 October

    Climate change: We’re all guilty (vegetarians, you too)


    Jomiro Eming  Up until now, this is what we’ve been told: Meat consumption takes a hefty toll on the environment, bulldozing thousands of hectares of fertile land for livestock, and causing a detrimental amount of methane gas to be released into the atmosphere. According to studies (where statistics may vary …