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A 5.4 inch Howitzer and Crew in East Africa during WWI - Photo Courtesy of South African Defence force


By Makomborero Muzenda Photo Courtesy of  the SADF In the global arena of world domination where politicians decide the fate of millions far removed from the horrors of war; it is sadly the young who are called to take up arms and fight for their country.  Nothing illustrates this unfortunate reality better than the First World War, which began 100 years ago in … Continue Reading ››
Jason Manyenyeni taking a 'selfie' with the acting VC.

Comings and goings of the SRC elections

By Jean-Andre’ Deenik The 2015 Student Representative Council (SRC) elections have come and gone with only the thought of why some candidates made it, while others didn’t, remaining. Siyanda Makhubo claimed first spot while Grace Moyo’s controversial “Because it’s about you” poster campaign might have been too much for the people. These posters centre the attention on Moyo and little … Continue Reading ››
Big smiles from the new members of the SRC.

SRC Inauguration Gallery

On Friday 22 August the 2015 Rhodes University SRC were sworn in at the Eden Grove lecture theatre. Here's a first hand look at the ceremony.

The laws of HIV/AIDS

By Petru Saal The Student HIV/AIDS Resistance Campaign hosted various seminars this week with the aim of addressing the stigma surrounding HIV positive individuals. Dean of the Law faculty, Dr Rosaan Kruger, addressed key issues at the Law and HIV/ AIDS seminar on Tuesday, 19 August. Amongst the key issues discussed was the importance of human rights as well as the prohibitions … Continue Reading ››

SRC 2015 Election results

By Athini Majali

The Rhodes University Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2015 were sworn into office in an inauguration ceremony that took place at the Eden Grove lecture theatre on Friday, 22 August. Siyanda Makhubo was announced as the new SRC President after a highly anticipated Presidential race.

Makhubo, who served as the SRC Academic Councillor … Continue Reading ››