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Finally! I have the privilege of sharing one of my favourite skincare brands with you. Introducing SKOON. An eco-conscious and modern brand that pride themselves on naturally derived and organic formulated products. This proudly South African brand developed a fresh and uncomplicated range of natural products according to the client’s needs. SKOON. allows you to customise your own solutions and feed your skin accordingly.

“It started as a small initiative where friends and family were asked to test the products and has now evolved into a business run by a dynamic team of passionate people”, says co-founder Stella Ciolli. The products are developed from scratch by their own chemist in the SKOON. Cape Town laboratory and contain cutting edge actives, supported by clinical studies from Europe and the USA.

As the beauty enthusiast showed me around her beautiful showroom, Stella shared the story and secrets behind the products, the use of ingredients and the proper way of application. She also unveiled popular beauty myths and provided expert skincare tips which I now am able to share with you.

These are a few of my favourite products free from artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances and petrochemicals:

  • GEL-TO- MILK- cleanser & make-up remover 

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When I first started using this product, I could not believe the result after only ONE rinse. Spread a small amount to all areas of the face to gently cleanse and remove make-up while conditioning the skin. “The soft, creamy cleanser swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make-up, including stubborn mascara”- Ciolli. Voila, time and money saved!

NB: “DO NOT wash your face more than once a day. There is a strong link between ageing and excessive facial cleansing”, says Ciolli. “In the mornings, rinse your face with water- Water removes dust and even sweat.” (especially for those who rise early to exercise).

Stella’s tip for a student budget: Mix a handful of refined oatmeal  with a squirt of  gel-to-milk cleanser and add a little bit of water to create the perfect scrub!

  • The One- super moisturiser (mini pot)

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Ideal for travelling and on the go, SKOON. offers a 15ml winter essential that accommodate student’s needs (and budget). Dynamite really does come in small packages now that my skin is nourished and moisturised throughout the day. NO MORE DRY SKIN.  The super moisturiser that should last you a month can be applied throughout the year, regardless of the season.

TIP: “Add a few drops of concentrate to your moisturiser (and blend well) to adapt your skin to each season, ensuring that your skin remains protected and moisturised at all times.”

  • Concentrate- Glowdrops53751511-fab0-406a-aec8-0be167f95978

(For daily use)

“Our best seller. For a reason”
Preservative free and 100% natural, these drops ensure extra nourishment and maintenance of skin pliancy to create a soft luminous glow.

TIP: “Add a few drops to your foundation, to create that illuminated, dewy look”.

  • Ruby Marine- overnight hydrating mask

937ad9de-d6d1-4e3f-a098-54aabe45d769(All skin types, even Sensitive skin)

This product SERIOUSLY changed my life and I’m overwhelmed with excitement to share it with you. Stella refers to this beauty bomb as “the introduction to our brand”. And the results prove no less. Apply a generous layer onto your skin before bed time (after cleansing and moisturising the face) and do NOT remove the following morning. The rich formula of Organic Coconut and Wildflower Honey, soothes and hydrates the skin while you sleep. Luxury at an affordable price.

  • Spotless- Spot Stick 

(Skin types- Breakouts)5ab9e1af-5286-4ac9-9e8b-b2686a6073be

Tired of blemishes that resurface from time to time? Dot the spot with SKOON.‘s perfect blemish busting assistant that is 100% natural. This product works incredibly fast and shows results within a few days. After struggling with unwanted breakouts due to stress, student Nicola Loubser putts the spot stick to the test: “I have used a lot of expensive products before, but the SKOON. Spot Stick managed to clear my blemishes within a few days. I’m never using anything else.”

TIP: Experiencing a lot of stress during exams and your skin carries the burden? Dab the spot stick on 2x a day after cleansing and moisturising the face. Leave for a few minutes to absorb before applying foundation. The 10ml spot stick will last a few months and is such a reliable saviour in times of stress.

SKOON. Skincare is without a doubt a force to be reckon with in the skincare industry. “We strive for absolute perfection. We constantly change and transform our formulas according to the client’s needs. I will not stop doing so until the products are perfectly formulated”, says Ciolli.

Quality, persistence and precision is clearly seen in their packaging, advertisement, teamwork and effective results which these products promise to deliver.

Head over to their beautiful website www.skoonskin.co.za to view products and purchase your SKOON. products today! (Nationwide delivery available)

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