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Skin Food: Glamore Cosmetics makes for a glamorous summer

Chanel Retief

Ah, Summer! Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than Christmas and summer rolled up into one – something we are lucky enough to experience. And as the year draws to a close, there are entities needed to be bade farewell for now.

Don’t cry! Skin Food has one more gift for you to unwrap, and we have a feeling you may love this one.  The perfect make-up travelling kit.  Everyone knows that summer in South Africa means that the heat will be unbearable; well I think I just may have the thing that will ensure during this summer holiday you enjoy every moment of the sun. Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite: Hean by Glamore Cosmetics. (All Hean products are cruelty free)


The company were able to send me four of their exquisite products, all of which I took the time to test out and fuss over. The company prides themselves in “bringing out your beautiful, naturally.” This was proven when using all four products, as sometimes all you want is to enhance the beauty already there.  I found when using the products it didn’t feel heavy on my skin, and the application process was easy. More so, taking the make-up off at the end of the day was also hassle-free as all I had to use was my make-up wipes.

  • Pro-Contour Stick

To anybody that loves the art-form of contouring, but struggles: here is the perfect gift for you. The modellingcountor stick is designed to ensure that is swiftly glides over the features of your face you wish to make more prominent. Contouring isn’t easy and takes a while to grasp, but Hean has attempted to make sure that even beginners get a little kick out of it, and feel comfortable trying it out.

Just apply to areas you wish to define – like your cheekbones –  and blend well after application with your beauty blender, or blending brush. Remember before contouring to apply foundation of your choice!

Tip for the Summer:  I don’t draw one prominent line, I prefer to draw more than one to create a more defined look, but not an excessive amount, where I lose the natural look I try to achieve.

  • Luminizer stickluminzer

Also known as a highlighter, this process comes straighter after you have now contoured the face, and need to brighten it up a little. The colour is all dependent on your wish  your final look to look. Glamore Cosmetics sent me a colour known as “champagne” which has a slight shine in it, and gave off a rosy undertone which leaves a subtle glow on the skin, nothing too hectic. Like the Pro-Contour Stick, the Luminizer Stick was easy to use.

When the first step is completed, just apply the highlighter to the contoured area and use your beauty blender  well.

Tip for the summer: Don’t over-use the Luminizer, as it can appear heavy when used with blush.

  • blush-ballsHigh Definition Pearly Powder Balls

Welcome to the new era! Remember all those times you dropped your blush palettes and it cracked right before your eyes, leaving you in tears… well, say hello to my little friend.  So convenient, so reliable and more so, not breakable!  Not to mention the beautiful glow that marks those soft facial features on your face.

After Contouring, I apply this product gently over the top part of my cheek bones for a more effective look. Providing a long lasting shimmering look so defined, no one can miss that level of perfection.
Tip for the Summer: For a more effective look, apply gently with upward strokes.

  • MatTense Lipsticklipstick

Everyone loves a good matte Lipstick, but its difficult to find the perfect and reliable stick. Well stress no more, this Christmas get your hands on a beautiful  shade of your own from Hean. The shade I tried out was “vogue“, which in essence speaks for itself. All that can be said about this summer is I will be rocking the more daring and striking look.

Not into that look? No fear, the softer shades are also available and are just as matte as “vogue“. Either way, enjoy the smoothness of the lipstick and walk down the street with the knowledge you will be turning heads.

Tip for the Summer: Apply with a lipstick brush for a more precise and effective look.

Well there you have it, something grand for Christmas this year. To get your hands on all of these beauties or more check out Glamore Cosmetics online and order now.  And until Next Year…Have a flawless (skin)  and stunning holiday.

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