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#RUReferenceList: Interdict Guidelines

A student protestor confronts police after the removal of barricades in Prince alfred Street, Rhodes University, Grahamstown on 20 April 2016. Protests on campus began in response to percieved rape culture at the institution. Photo Jeffrey Stretton-Bell

Law Students Plenary | Photo by Jeffrey Stretton-Bell

An interdict is a court order that temporarily prohibits specific actions highlighted by the applicant (Rhodes University in this instance). The current situation is that students are prohibited from acting in any manner outlined by the provisions in the interdict.

  1. Quite simply, the interdict states that:
  • Protestors cannot restrict movement on and off campus through the use of barricades.
  • Protestors must not enter residences, lectures, venues, labs etc. in order to mobilize individuals into the protest.
  • Protestors must not interfere with the academic project by disrupting tests, lectures, tutorials etc.
  • Protestors must not interfere with University staff by occupying buildings and the everyday activities.
  • Protestors must not enter residences and dining halls to mobilize students and staff or interrupt daily activities.
  • Protestors must not force or threaten other students to join in protest.
  • Protestors must not vandalize or destroy university property.

2. The consequence for doing any of the above will result in arrest.

3. If any student is arrested, or threatened with arrest:

  • Get the name of the officer/number plate of the vehicle (you are entitled to ask for this name while you are being told for the reason as to why you are being arrested).
  • Do not resist arrest.
  • Do not say anything after you have been arrested. However, you should ask to contact your representative or guardian (sub-warden, parent, close-friend, or any contact from the law student representatives).
  • Do not post the names of arrested students on social media.
  • Send any relevant contact details that you have captured to rhodesstudentslegalcomplaints@gmail.com. Please make use of this email address, as it will be used as a medium between students and legal representatives.
  • Please also use the above email address for any other complaints or enquiries.
  • In the case of an emergency, please call: 076 391 0605.

4. In the call the number mentioned above IMMEDIATELY. case that anyone is harassed, assaulted, or hurt by the police during arrest, please

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