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#RUReferenceList: 26 March- 27 March 2017

Chanel Retief

Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual assault content.

On the evening of the 26 March 2017, a name of a student was posted on the student Face2017-03-27_02.49.15book page; UCKAR Student Body Page 2017. Only in a matter of minutes, 3 more names were posted and the hashtag #RUReferenceList began to trend. Following the events of mid last year when the original list was written ( a listing holding names of alleged rapists on campus), a rise of people took to Twitter and Facebook expressing their anger for triggering victims and those traumatised by the events of last year.
2017-03-27_02.52.49As the night progressed, a meeting was held to determine the plan of action regarding the recent posts. There were many questions that were raised however, especially since students were told to sign a declaration at the beginning of the year at registration. A declaration containing repercussions that students are still uncertain about. 20170327_024801Students did however make their way  up the hill, in the early hours of Monday the 27th March, to begin the process of encouraging the students to join the movement, “Join us or are you rapists too…stop protecting rapists”.

Residences, like Joe Slovo, Calata and Goldfield, did not let students into the building. Though notices at
Goldfield  Residences were on the door with the hashtag #WeBelieveYou and #StopViolatingOurBodies along with the notice, “the guy you are IMG-20170327-WA0006looking for is not here!” (See Twitter for more). At Calata, the warden came out to speak to student claiming that he could not let students in but he would go back into res to speak to the residences about joining the movement. It was only at Cullen Bowles where students gained access into residences gaining more students for the movement.

Unfortunately through the course of the movement, the names that were previously posted on the page were deleted.


For details on the developing story, follow @activateonline on Twitter.

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