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[Review] The Three Little Pigs


By David Mann

A little pig, a chicken and a goat surrounded by nothing but a table, some chairs, farm fencing and shredded paper. This sets the stage for The Three Little Pigs, an extraordinary show featuring Rob van Vuuren, Albert Pretorius and James Cairns.

Together with director Tara Notcutt, the cast have taken a simple and memorable children’s tale and given it a murder mystery twist along with a healthy dose of comedy. With little pig having just lost his two brothers in a terrible murder, it’s up to him, an Irish goat and an isiXhosa chicken to try and find out who did it.

Besides providing an hour of non-stop entertainment, the play is also a clever and thought-provoking commentary on society and its various problems such as media ethics, politics, government corruption and the news agenda. In this sense, it mirrors George Orwell’s Animal Farm; with the cast taking on various characters throughout the play, such as a down-and-out street rat, an overeager police dog and of course, the infamous and central Big Bad Wolf.

With the constant change of character, you can’t help, but marvel at the way Van Vuuren, Pretorius and Cairns change from one accent to the next in a matter of seconds, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The tone of the play shifts almost as dramatically as the characters do. You’ll find yourself crying with laughter one moment and gripping your partners arm with fear the next, but all the while itching to find out who killed the other two pigs.

The Three Little Pigs is a definite must see during your time at the National Arts Festival, even if you just go to see Rob van Vuuren act like a sexy stripper cat called Sparkle.

To find out ticket prices and more information on The Three Little Pigs see the National Arts Festival website.