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Overall décor

Natalie Giquel 

If you are new to Rhodes University, you will very soon become acquainted with the commodity of overall wearing image 30and decorating. It is a long-standing tradition for Rhodents to wear their overalls at sporting, entertainment and social events throughout the year. It is also tradition that once your overall is worn, it is not allowed to be washed. This means that come the end of your university experience, the once cleanly and creatively decorated overall is littered with mud, rain, signatures, numbers and general smudging.

People have individualised overall painting to make theirs unique to themselves. Each year it gets more and more intricate. You can buy your overalls from the Campus Concepts Memorabilia (a student campus shop) on 29 New Street, Grahamstown. You can alternatively order it from the ‘Overalls’ Facebook page online for R100, who deliver as well. Here are a few images to inspire you in your overall decorating this year:

Image 31

image 36
Image 34Image 33


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