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ONOW- Just for One Night or For More to come?

Chanel Retief 

Generally when asked to review an event, there are key attributions any good journalist must remember when writing it. Questions that need to be answered like; What was the vibe like when I arrived in comparison to how it was when I left, or how the event looked in terms of décor and theme or -my personal favourite question-was the event a personal success to me. Pretty standard and completely straight forward that is of course if the event is difficult to describe. Life becomes obscenely challenging when only three words spring to mind in terms of reviewing One Night One World; a verging success.img_08181

On the 23rd of September 2016, five students hosted what was considered the most anticipated event of the term at 37 on New. The concept that was brought to the table was #FriarsMeetsPrime. A concept foreign to those who religiously stray to one place on a Friday night, a concept almost frowned upon. Nevertheless this concept also brought to mind that versatility of music is something that would be celebrated that night and not limited. This is something that students have complained regularly is lacking in their regular go-to places on a Friday Night. ONOW imagined a place where all Rhodes students came together and jammed to all types of music.

37 on New seemed like the perfect place to host the event- both symbolically and literally. Literally as it was a neutral space that had both the indoor and outdoor qualities needed for a great night. Symbolically as it’s between two of the most popular clubs in Grahamstown, so as “the two worlds come together”. Call it a cliche or call it something smart, the actual venue contributed to what was considered an extremely successful night.img_08451

So imagine this, a great open plan venue, boundless epic music and not mention crazy drink specials that no one could resist- it sounds like the best of a hundred worlds coming together right? As great as all of that does sound, the thing I couldn’t help but notice was the diversity brought together under one roof.  How students smiled as they stepped out their comfort zone and “got down” to something “different”. If you ask me, there was no better way to kick off heritage weekend.

A personal critique? Well, days leading to the event, I truthfully had my doubts in the event as did a number of students. For a simple and safe reason that it’s not often you find five undergraduates coming together and saying “Cool let’s throw a party for everyone, literally EVERYONE!” that in itself sounds unmanageable. However walking into 37 on New on Friday, the event that took place before my eyes was of a high standard and high quality that dare I say it; I swallowed my doubts as fast as they came out! Before I am a journalist, I am student and for a student all we ever ask for is great music, a good vibe and impressive drink specials. Overall, each of the organizers should be on cloud nine, because if I threw an event of that caliber and it was exceeding success, I would be.

Missed the event? Don’t worry, we at Activate hate to see anybody suffering with FOMO , so watch out for the ONOW video coming soon.  For now click here to check out the hype that lead to the event.

Also check out all the pictures from the 23 September on our Facebook page or just click the picture below.


Photo Credit: Steph Dvorak

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