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Nationwide mobilisation against Zuma scheduled for Friday the 07 April 2017

Skylar Po

Powerless – without ability, influence or power. This is exactly what I felt when the news broke of President Jacob Zuma’ 11th cabinet reshuffle of about 20 MP’s and the imminent firing of finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy – Mcebisi Jonas on Thursday night. Scrolling through twitter, refreshing constantly whilst simultaneously texting my friends on what was truly the most shocking and unthinkable act ever. Thinking back to those hours of uncertainty;  most of us kept hoping it was a joke – an April Fools prank or at most, a dream. I vividly remember the disagreeable chuckles that represented the feeling of ‘I don’t know what to do, I can’t believe this is happening’, and the random outbursts of rant hurled at my bestfriend, due to the unexplainable series of events that were taking place all at once. I was rendered speechless.

Jacob Zuma has caused an ample amount of trouble in his presidency. He is a corrupt disease killing South Africa. In addition, he has plainly broken oath of office and the trust of the people of this country. He has in the 7 years in office, represented the interests of himself and those who serve him loyally through dishonest and corrupt manners. He has gone beyond what anyone can defend.

The official funeral of struggle icon Ahmed Kathrada took place on Thursday, led by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. The eulogy given by Kgalema Motlante has been a significant motion to the mass mobilisation against the Zuma regime.

A date has been marked, led by the Democartic Alliance (DA) – who themselves are at the centre of condemnation  for the coming together of all regardless of race, political affiliation or religion.

Friday, 7 April 2017 is the date making rounds on social media. As the message reads: “On Friday the 7th of April the people of South Africa need to take o the streets in masses.. wherever you are, with signs of protest to make our voice heard”.

Whether or not the march will happen or not the question now remains, People of Grahamstown, how will we stand up to the current happenings of our state?


  1. Zuma killed economy. I don’t want him to lead SA any more. Nationwide shutdown on 07-04-2017 Friday will solve our country’s problem. He must GO(ZUMA).

  2. On this Friday, all SA must go to Luthuli House, it’s Ben 10 vs Zuma!

  3. zuma must fuck off

  4. Exact time and start locations of marches please.

    • It varies city to city. Verify with community members and councillors if there will be one in your town/area. Hope this helps

  5. What about us in Witbank?

  6. yaseen ismail

    will it be safe to continue with business as usual in Durban CBD …. some haven’t the means to protest but still need to put food on their tables without the fear of protestors

  7. It will be interesting to see exactly how many will march. Companies will not get involved in a political or religious march. Employees will have to take leave and it will be at the discretion of the mangers to grant them leave.

    • SA just got declared Junk Status and in many ways means investors are losing interest and taking their money somewhere else. Companies should reconsider

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