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Join the “treevolution!”

Jomiro Eming

Since its inception two years ago, the Hogsback Festival of Trees  returns again this September. Terra-Khaya, in association with GreenPop, hope to give back to the Earth, reconnect people with nature, and ultimately reach their target of planting another 2 000 endemic trees.

Apart from “greening” – the act of becoming more active in saving the environment – Hogsback forests festival goers can expect an entire range of family-friendly activities also included in their ticket, like vegetarian cuisine and snacks, head-line music acts from South Africa’s finest, and some time to explore the scenic village of Hogsback and truly reconnect with nature.

The festival began as a way of celebrating life, rediscovering nature’s beauty, and gathering a community of environmentally conscious people from all-across South Africa. GreenPop’s “treevolution” started in 2010, and the organisation has been hosting reforestation festivals in Southern Africa since 2011. Since then, they have planted 66 000 trees in three countries, and have planted 2 400 trees in Hogsback alone.

The team at this year’s Festival of Trees has been clearing invasive alien species for two months to make space for the budding shoots. The new area sits adjacent to last year’s trees, as well as next to a small indigenous forest and wetland. The tree-planting will feature as a major part of the event, and festival goers can look forward to a fun, educational, selfless, and valuable experience.

As the drive out to Hogsback may be a little far for some eager “treevolutionaries” (as GreenPop says), the festival has collaborated with EcoWeek to extend the green revolution into the following week. The workshops, seminars, and presentations will help educate people on environment-saving issues such as gardening and self-sustainability, and other activities one can look forward to include yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, and meditation.

In the spirit of Arbour Month, this festival offers a weekend-away of Earth-love and self-love. Both day- and full weekend tickets can be purchased from quicket.co.za (R200 and R480 respectively), and each day starts and ends between 8am and 6pm. Accommodation includes camping, dorm rooms, or private accommodation options.

Not many can say they helped plant 2000 trees over a weekend, but you can, so go and make a difference and help save the planet: plant a tree.

Stay tuned to Activate for more information regarding the festival as it progresses this weekend.


Image courtesy of Alfred Payne

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