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Habit To debut show in Grahamstown



Three-piece band, Habit To, is currently on the road with their national Get Ready To Rumble Tour and will be stopping off to play at Slipstream Sports Bar in Grahamstown on Saturday 13 October.

One of the best things about living in a student town is that touring bands are constantly stopping off here to do shows. They know we’re always up for a good gig and that they won’t go unappreciated. One of these bands is the new age rock ‘n roll band, Habit To.

“Apparently Grahamstown has a reputation for having the highest alcohol consumption in South Africa! We don’t know how true that is, but it gives us high expectations for a crowd that likes a great party!” says Habit To’d vocalist and lead guitarist, Chillie Stent.

The band has already played in Durban, Cape Town, PE and more, promoting their second album Boomerang Saturn.

Stent says that touring isn’t always easy, but it’s the music they make and the people they meet that make it all worthwhile for the band.

“We’ve had great responses from many different places and faces and every gig we play leaves us hungry for more,” says Stent.

The band says that their relationships with each other on and off stage play a huge part in the music that they make and that when times are tough on the road they always have each other to lean on.

“We are like a family that argues and then laughs about it. This is how we’re able to work through musical ideas and complete songs that are strengthened through dispute,” says Stent.

This will be Habit To’s first time playing in Grahamstown. . Stent adds, “If Grahamstown has half as much fun as we do on stage, then they’re in for one heck of a good time!”

-David Mann-