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Grazzle night – RU Voting?

By Nangamso Ngcebetsha

The annual SRC poster design competition elections are upon us, and while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds, let us rehash #RUGrazzle2014. The annual event took place in a fully packed Barratt 2 Lecture theatre on 11 August. Student Representative Council (SRC) elections candidates took to the floor to motivate why we as the student body should vote for them.

Nerves were at roof level as, one by one, each candidate made their two-minute speech. Manifestos seemed to be on point, but when it came to publicly voicing their thoughts and ideas, some candidates just were not ready.

It was quite easy to see who the favourites among the rowdy and excited crowd were. Lindokuhle Zungu, one of the candidates, and the current Activism and Transformation councillor, broke the ice by reciting his clan names and the crowd went wild. Zungu has made one point clear throughout his campaign: continuity.

Many of this year’s candidates, according to the audience, were uncertain of what their portfolio entails, or what they are really running for. Bursts of laughter rang out throughout the semi-formal event, and Twitter was abuzz with smart remarks and questions from the audience.

One of the many candidates that stood out was current SRC Secretary-General Grace Moyo, who believes that she is a qualified president. This may be making assumptions on her part, but several posters around campus, with the hashtag ‘I vote Grace’ as part of her campaign, prove that many students believe in her capabilities.

Many more candidates were quick to make promises and “sell dreams”, with an air of scepticism rife and prominent among the students.

The grazzle for some does not necessarily mean knowing who they have put into power, but is just a form of entertainment, and a break away from their academics. Some students, however, take the grazzle, and indeed student leadership in a higher institution of learning, very seriously.

One such student, Sinazo Thomas, recognises that without herself and her fellow students there would be no SRC. There would in fact be no grazzle. “The SRC exists solely to represent me as the student, and I would like to be informed about who I put in that position of power,” argues the second year BCom Law student.

Seeing as it is SRC election fever, and posters are littered all over campus, the next two weeks for the aspiring student leaders will be the most intense, and daunting of the year.

Keep up with what is happening on campus. Be informed, in order to make the right vote. There is a selection of 30 candidates. Thirty potential leaders who may have the potential to represent and govern you as a student body.

So, the question remains: RU voting?













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