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Giorgio Armani is now 100% fur free!

Tyler Naumann

The fashion industry and animal rights activists have been at war for decades about whether or not animal fur and animal products have a place in fashion in today’s world. Millions of animals die each year in order to become a trim on the hood of a fur coat, or a leather belt in someone’s cupboard, but when it comes to Giorgio Armani, all of that has changed.

Luxury Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has recently changed his company’s stance on the use of animal fur in their products. Starting from their Fall/Winter Collection in 2016, the Armani brand shall no longer use real animal fur. This change has been long fuelled by campaigns, protests, and online petitions against the use of fur in the fashion industry. Armani collaborated with Humane Society International as well as Fur Free Alliance to negotiate the new makeover. The animal rights organisation, PETA, declared that this change was a “remarkable victory” after all of their efforts to transform and revolutionise the suffering caused by the use of animal products in the fashion world.

This future of fashion which encompasses empathy and innovation is followed by other popular brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. The Armani fashion brand is sending a powerful message to the rest of the contributors to fur usage in the industry. This fur-free declaration proves to designers, manufacturers, and consumers that high quality luxury fashion can be produced without harming animals and the environment.

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