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Game of Rhodes 2016

Jomiro Eming

In a world of assignments that simply get lost amidst the 400 other pages of bore, of examination papers where your only individuality comes after the “g” in your student number, of walking past lecturers you’ve had for a year and… “Sorry, who are you again?” Not anymore, kids. Now you can change that; now you can truly shine, and have your chance at being titled the rightful heir to the purple kingdom at this year’s Game of Rhodes.

In dusting-off a kind of event not too unfamiliar to Rhodes students, Dancesport has partnered with The Rat and Parrot to reinvent and revamp the clichéd “talent and pageant” glamour show. Focusing on testing a contestant’s personality, trivia, talent, and energy, Game of Rhodes will showcase contestants, and allow students to dazzle the campus with their brains, their talents, and their ability to take to the red carpet with confidence and sass.

The event was initially called Mr(s) & Mr(s) Rhodes 2016, but this was met with slight uncertainty and confusion due to its references with the Miss Universe competitions. As the focus is not on pageant show, the event was rebranded to Game of Rhodes 2016 to capture the tournament and competition of Rhodes students battling to prove who has the most talent, the most brains, and the most university spirit.

The event is a fundraiser, and the proceeds will be directed towards helping Dancesport’s dancers afford the costs of competing in the provincial, national, and international competitions. Be it transport, food, accommodation, or the high expenses of dancing shoes, dressed and tailsuits, it is not fair that a dancer’s chance at sports colours is hindered by financial disadvantages.

Nominations opened this week, and participants and supporters are now officially able to attend the Facebook event. Residences are being encouraged to put forward at least one member each, who can represent either that residence or their respective hall.

Individuals can post pictures of themselves along with their motivation onto the event discussion board, and a poll is up for the university campus to vote for which contestant they want to see go through to the audition phase. In addition, participants must boast a talent unique to them that will impress the judges at the auditions and win-over the audience at the finale. The rules for these talents have been posted to the Facebook event’s page, and the voting stage will be open until the 30th April 2016.

The top 15 entrants with the most votes on the Facebook poll will be shortlisted to attend auditions during the week of the 3rd May 2016. In an Idols-type set-up, contestants must then pitch their brand and their talent in front of a panel of judges, which will be made up of representatives from Dancesport, The Rat and Parrot, Activate, and university management. A montage of audition highlights will be uploaded to Youtube, and will contain the 8 contestants selected to compete in the grand finale at Prime on the 10th May 2016.

Open to all students and staff, this black-tie premiere of the best Rhodes has to offer will transport the campus from Grahamstown to Hollywood. Things to look forward to include Activate’s blue carpet team, a one-night-only Dancesport cocktail, and a 3-stage live competition where contestants will have their trivia, their talent, and their Rhodes spirit tested. The evening will be a night of glitz, glamour, talent, personality, and most importantly finding the two individuals most worthy of the heir to being the most Rhodes-spirited Rhodent of 2016.

With the stresses of exam term hot on the heels of all students, this event will allow one final flash of excitement before heads need to bury themselves into books.

Have a talent you’ve been wanting to show-off? Have a thing or two to say about your personality, or the things you stand for? Want to showcase your all-rounded ability and uniqueness? Then get campaigning, and prove to Rhodes why you should carry the title of heir to the purple kingdom.

Pre-sold tickets are R20, and they’ll be R30 at the door. They also count as your ticket to a raffle with an awesome prize! Stay tuned for more information.

More dates and information can be found on the Game of Rhodes 2016. Nominations and poll voting can both be found on the event discussion board, and any queries can be directed to Dancesport directly. Ticket sales open this week, so check out prices and selling points on the event page as well!


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