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One can see why lions have been crowned king of the jungle

[Gallery] Daniell Cheetah Farm: Saving Big Cats

Photos by: Madeleine Chaput

Welcome to the wonderful world of cats: at the Daniell Cheetah Project farm in Kirkwood.

The sanctuary boasts a range of animals from mischievous meerkats to lazy lions, but focuses on those of the feline species. The project was first established in May 2001 with only three cats and has since grown steadily, now housing a multitude of different species.

The Project’s main aim is to endorse the conservation of the cheetah as well as educating the public on the importance of conserving the species, but the sanctuary also plays a part in conserving and protecting many other feline species such as ‘Chuck’ and ‘Norris’: two lions brought to the Daniell Cheetah Project by breeders in June 2012.

The two week old cubs were to be raised for the breeders and later returned to them. However, after discovering that breeders intended on selling the animals to the South African canned hunting business – where animals are kept in a small enclosure and then shot, without any chance of escape – the Daniell Cheetah Project was able to save the two.

The farm is a heaven to those who have a love for animals, and even for those who don’t: in the words of Anotale France, “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

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