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For the LOVE -of bringing Fashion- BACK

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Passion, dedication and innovation are just some of the few words that one should use when describing one of GSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESrahamstown’s newest yet prosperous businesses, LoveBack. We sat down with creator of the fashionable brand, Sinaye Jonas, to find out more about LoveBack and where all of this originality came from. In finding out more about the brand, we got to know the incredible fashionista herself.

Born and bred in Queenstown, this entrepreneur initially studied Town Planning at CPUT in Cape Town, “My parents were very strict, career wise, what type of career you follow. So fashion designing is not particularly something that most parents [would want you to study]…hence why I studied town planning,” she said. However, that didn’t stop her love for fashion. In this regard, she even believes that studying town planning is actually not that different from fashion design, especially when one looks at the creativity aspect that into both fields.

Like any other business, Jonas had a vision to turn a small idea she had into something brilliant- some would even


go so far as to saying turning the absolutely ordinary into extraordinary . It was when Jonas made her to Grahamstown from Cape Town that she noticed a particular similarity in terms of style and decided to find a way to make a business out of it. The style she is making reference to is something that she describes as different yet unique something that she has always loved being, “I’ve always wanted to be different and unique,” She said, “In a way Rhodes students kind of embodied that for me.”  Using all of this unique innovation, Jonas then started LoveBack.

Besides the fact that Jonas tries to accommodate a student’s budget, what makes her business so different from any other clothing brand in Grahamstown is fact that it purely street trends – something she believes is needed in this town because not many retail outlets in Grahamstown offer that particular style option to a town full of students.  Jonas knew that her line needed to be something that accommodated the need that students had to look good while still being able to wear something is flexible to their everyday busy schedules, “I know that what I have tried to do is create one look, and that one look can be worn differently by different people,” She says. She outsources most of her clothing internationally from places like China because their street trends is something she believes is incredible.  Though she admits that she has recently been trying to turn the LoveBack into a proudly South African brand by having clothes that are rather manufactured locally.


Despite the rising success of LoveBack, Jonas has made it clear that her end goal is not to make a success in retail outlets. “If you look at ethnic brands that made it into retail, they eventually collapsed, like your Stone Cherry, because they went commercial  and then suddenly it died down,” she says.  For Jonas her love and passion comes in when she admits that all of this is because she has a “genuine love for fashion.”  She came to Grahamstown  with the belief that “it’s not about the money. Obviously I have to make money, but I love fashion”. She does note that perhaps one day she would love to open a boutique, but for now she is happy with just having a constant love for fashion and ultimately for the brand.

For more infomation on the beautiful brand, check out their facebook page by just clicking here and their instagram page- here

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Photos by: Janais Van Eck

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