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Flashback to Earthdance – The Global Shift

Emma Hanly

Friday, 23 September marked the start of the twenty year anniversary celebration of the Earthdance Global Peace Party. This charity trance event was held at Woody Cape Backpackers in Alexandria, the perfect location for making new connections and embracing Mother Nature.

There was no cellular signal at the venue which turned out to be extremely beneficial. Instead of looking at the event through Snapchat videos, people truly engaged with their surroundings and seemed to interact with others and make new friends easily. The venue was a weekend home for about four hundred people, and it was fascinating to witness such a diverse age group and such a wide array of personalities.

Friday night was Shamans Night, a time for contemplation and connection. The fires were lit and a drum circle formed on the dance floor where people happily beat together, embracing the company of friends old and new. Stargazing through the trance décor was truly memorable and there was nothing but good energy surrounding us. A friendly sheepdog who lives at Woody Cape seemed to adore the attention he received from most as he wandered from group to group. The night ended fairly early in preparation for the adventures that Saturday had in store.

People were on the dance floor from the second the music started at 8am, enjoying magical beats by Psyops, Tystix, Birdman and many more. While some danced, others explored the beautiful nature trails that Woody Cape has to offer. It was a short ten-minute walk to a private beach which had the biggest sand dunes imaginable. It was somewhat of a trek to get down the dunes and closer to the shoreline but the creatures, including beautiful blue dragon sea slugs that were scattered across the oceanfront, proved the walk was worth it.

As the sun started to set, the dance floor filled up and soon there were hundreds of people grooving to the music. This went on until 2am, which was when the prayer for peace was scheduled to commence. Johan and Annamarie Moller, an old couple who attend trance events so regularly they now receive complimentary tickets to every event, blessed the crowd with their words of wisdom as we all stood together in silence during the prayer. The peace prayer is a synchronised worldwide link-up where every Earthdance event globally has a quiet moment towards the common goal of peace. It was a truly spiritual time and the energy that was passed around the circle was mesmerising.

I grew so accustomed to having music constantly playing that it almost felt uneasy returning home on Sunday and sitting in silence.

Overall, the twentieth anniversary of the Earthdance festival was life-changing and a great success. All there is to do now is wait for next year, where we will all come together again in harmony with nature and friends alike.

Image courtesy of Emma Hanly.

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