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Five Free Apps every Rhodent Should Consider Using

Frances Housdon

Although we give our devices excessive grief when they chose not to perform at 100% or get frustrated when RUConnected takes a fraction longer to load than normal, most of the time our devices could be used far more effectively on campus than we thought. We know storage space is sometimes a problem, but here are just a few apps you should consider making space for:

  • Dragon Dictation: This app may seem pointless out of term times, but during the mid-week crunch its possibilities are endless. If you are anything like me and think much faster than you can type, this app is perfect for reciting notes, summarising lecture slides, makings lists, planning essays, last minute tutorials and not having to type a word. Its user friendly, compatible with word documents, and best of all; it’s free.
  • Unitehood: Walking home alone post Friars jol with no home airtime for Get Home Safe? Fear not! This free, South African made app uses GPS networking to monitor your safety at all times. By pressing the alert button when you feel in danger, 3 events will immediately be triggered: a call will be made to an emergency number of your choice,users in the area will be notified of your position and that you are in danger,and any friends or family that you have nominated will be instantly notified.
  • Google Opinion rewards: An app that actually pays for itself. Kind of. This nifty little app notifies you every so often; asking that you answer simple surveys about yourself and in return are given google play credits. Whilst these credits can’t be refunded and given in cash, they can be used to buy books,music,games and even more apps and may just come in handy when trying to buy recommended reading online.
  • Pocket it: Eduroam playing up again? Struggling to access those readings? Well don’t stress. Pocket it allows you to save any online article, source or reading and access it later even without an internet connection. This way you can access your readings without having to dip into your treasured data.
  • Zombie, run!: And, as always, the best is saved for last. First year spread has inevitably hit and whilst we may be tempted to halfheartedly join the gym, here is a far cheaper and more entertaining alternative.  Zombie, run! functions in many ways as a regular fitness except that you get to go on a life threatening mission at the same time. You start off using the app by running your regular route, as you run you will be played a story containing details about your mission. These prompts will either tell you to speed up when zombies are approaching or perform another action in order to gain supplies. You can do interval training, pick different missions, as well as track your progress online. And all of this is while exercising.

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