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Fees Must Fall- 25 October 2016

Chanel Retief

Following the events of the past three weeks, Activate was notified of South African Police Services firing shots at Prince Alfred in the later hours of the afternoon. Police presence was heavy as they marched onto campus in full riot gear firing teargas at students. As cars began to flee the scene to avoid damage from  rubber bullets – as well as buck shots –  police continued to shoot at students from Prince Alfred street, continuing up to South Street.

Police then proceeded to surround Steve Biko Building, and those inside were forced to remain there. Any student walking in the surrounding area was questioned by the police. Activate also received word from students that the police continued to threaten students using vulgar language. Reports of an intoxicated police officer , identifiable by his shorts, was included in the policemen and women who threatened students with ill-mannered words. Students stated the police officer in question was shooting students at random.

Students used stationary objects such as tables and white boards to protect themselves from stun grenades, tear gas, as well rubber bullets.  The police retaliated in full force by continuing to shoot at students behind the barricades, forcing students to disperse in multiple directions; shortly after, police took down the barricade, with one of the barricades being in front of Jan Smuts residence. This was due to students seeking shelter from the police within said residence.

Due to police shooting people at random, there were those who were injured from the rubber bullets. Amongst those was Journalism and Media Studies lecturer Brian Garman.  Activate can also confirm that two arrests were made, one of them is an Activate reporter who was on the scene. (More details to follow)

During the course of the action, the university sent out a communication via SMS to students asking them to remain indoors. The dining halls were closed and residents received e-wallets to accommodate dinner. No word yet from the university regarding the events of today.

For more information regarding today,  go and check out our Activate twitter feed for more. 


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