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FEEL GOOD WOMAN: The Power of Lingerie

Grethe Swart

Being a woman in a man’s world is like being chased by a thousand contestants in a Hunger Games saga. You have to be good enough, fit enough, smart enough and heartless. There is no tolerance for weakness, no time for tears and no room for fear. You have to be skinny, have perky breasts and a very tight bum. ENOUGH. As a woman, I have had enough of trying to be, look and act according to society’s expectations. It’s time to break societal boundaries and to unleash the inner woman!

To break the chains and repair the broken mirror, ACTIVATE has teamed up with WOOLWORTHS to instil hope, acceptance and confidence within all female students, nationwide. JT ONE has made it possible for women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and ages to feel like a million dollars, regardless of what society might think or say. The perfect feel good saviour? DAMN HOT LINGERIE

The JT ONE collection presents a series of beautiful underwear for casual or formal events or just about any other gloomy day when you want to feel good about yourself. The colours range from basic tones of grey, black, white and charcoal to pastel shades of bubble gum, peach and cherry pink. And what would a lingerie range be without a few lacy numbers in fiery red and sultry black? Do treat yourself with a pretty set of lingerie from time to time without breaking the bank!

I’ve asked four woman to honestly state why they love a pretty set of lingerie:

  • Margo Staffen

Age: 23
Background: Proud Stellenbosch Alumni, Currently at Rhodes, Born and raised in Queenstown
“Many girls avoid wearing pretty lingerie because they don’t look and feel like a model. But, there’s a reason lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes. Pretty lingerie is made to fit women of all shapes and I for one adore a lacy
number. It allows me to feel feminine and embrace our femininity.

  • Chanel RetiefChanel

Age: 21
Background: Social Diva from Johannesburg, Currently at Rhodes
“Pretty lingerie certainly gives me a sense of confidence. All woman should be able to feel good in a set of lingerie. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you look good, even just for yourself. Some men have this perception that woman need to wear sexy things to please them! I like to take that thought and say that I wear sexy lingerie for ME, no one else”

  • Misty de Robillar


MistyAge: 23
Background: 4th year Law student at Rhodes University, Blonde bombshell from Durban
“When a woman wears beautiful lingerie, it teaches her to celebrate her body and to feel comfortable in her own skin. Feeling good about what you’re wearing, translates into feeling pride in the body wearing it”.

  • Leandra Krige

LeAndraAge: 30
Background: Spinning enthusiast, happily married, holds a fierce position at the Masters Office in Grahamstown
“Pretty lingerie makes me feel so much more confident about myself”





Lingerie is the one essential that all women can relate to. Whether it tucks, flaunts or shapes your body, every woman deserves to feel their best in the perfect pair of panties!

Feel good about yourself and your body this Women’s day and shake that bootay!LRM_EXPORT_20160807_225720

Visit your nearest WOOLWORTHS branch and treat yourself to a beautiful set of lingerie. For the latest news on products and items, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @jtonegirls.

Photos by Madeleine Chaput

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