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Fashion Breakthrough for Pick n’ Pay Clothing

Natalie Giquel

The Cherokee brand has finally undergone much needed transition as the once basic, easy-wear range are now leading the retail pack as one of South Africa’s full-on fashion trendsetters.

After a long period of utter stagnation and boredom, the Cherokee brand is slowly but surely integrating some of the hottest designs into their clothing range. One can now be fashionable and comfortable without having to look 20 years older.


The range has adapted itself each season, presenting buyers with a collection of laid back tones, lace trimmings and perfect cuts. The summer-wear range was a feat of genius, as simple designs were upgraded with lacy embellishments and decorative back cuts, transforming simple shirts, skirts and shorts into highly wearable items of clothing suited for both casual and formal settings.

This peak in style also extends to the male rage, as edgy designs on shirts and well-fitted pants for men are now available.


With winter approaching, the winter line that has recently been released, falls within this uniquely upper-market style that is still surprisingly inexpensive. In the comfort range, the track suits and woolly gowns have also undergone a makeover! Cute prints, durable material and fitting designs sold at affordable prices, ensure that students are looked after this winter.

Jackets are fleshed out with multiple layers of fabric and padded interiors, whilst still maintaining its fitted shape. The colours vary, but lean towards an organic and dusted set of tones that make the price tags on other retailers seem exorbitant and unnecessary.  The use of neutral tones allow for these items to be easily paired with other garments and accessories. That is not to say that there are no items of colour. In among the earthy tones are flares of brightly coloured shirts and scarves, as well as deep, seductive blues and reds. Ultimately, the range showcases a wide range of clothing pieces- from swimwear to a diversity of shoes, are all catching some shine in Pick n’ Pay’s Clothing stores.

In addition to a new look, the quality of the garments have also stepped up a notch as the material is much thicker and more durable.  Cherokee has completely transformed from its previously repetitive production of clothing into a new, economical yet trendsetting brand. With each season it is proving more adventurous as designs become more trendy and versatile.

Photos sourced from Pick n’ Pay clothing and YouTube

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