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Image: ghtnightlife
Image: ghtnightlife

Everything You Need to From the PH Fat and Shortstraw Show

Jose Salvadori

With the new term under way and it is the first Friday back, here’s a quick review of one of the most exciting nights we’ve had in Grahamstown.

TriVar might have been cancelled this year, but the party certainly wasn’t. Excitement and anticipation lingered in the air as Rhodents prepared for two of South Africa’s most loved music acts to kick off their Eastern Cape Tour, starting right here in Grahamstown at our very own 37 on New.

Although the night was chilly, students still flocked to the venue in their masses. Many were kitted out in true Rhodent-Style – white overalls with drinks in hand, looking ready as ever to bellow out the lyrics to some of Shortstraw and PHFAT’s classics, including Bikini Weather and Lights Out.

The five-man band was first to play, getting the audience going at around 10pm by performing both older songs including familiar favourite, Couch Potato, as well as a few new hits like Charlotte Carter and Thailand. “They have to be one of the best South African [bands] to see live!” overhearing a student chat to his group of mates in between songs, and frankly I could not agree more. With a genre that can be classified as indie/alternative, it’s hard not to enjoy the music that this proudly South African band produces.

Once their set was over, I managed to catch the band’s lead guitarist’s attention for a mere two minutes while they were cooling down with some beers in the VIP section. According to Tom Revington, the band loves “a good ol’ Grahamstown jol.” Having played in Grahamstown numerous times in the past few years, the band assures that they’ll be back soon.

Next to perform was PHFAT, and what an experience it was. Not knowing too much of their music, I was seriously surprised at how they managed to excite and liven-up the crowd by playing their popular electronic-dance songs; Keep You Safe and Jump, to name a few. Whilst they were performing, lights were flashing and drinks went flying as a group of eager students managed to create a mini mosh-pit in the middle of the dance floor, adding wonders to the already-thrilling atmosphere of the evening. PHFAT’s stage presence was enticing and energetic. I can definitely say that if you are not the biggest fan of their music, go and see one of their shows live. There’s no doubt that it’ll change your mind.

This Friday we have our regular old, Friars, Rat and 37 to ourselves and even without the presence of SA’s coolest bands, it should still be a jol!

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