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Make your own DIY herb garden

Janais van Eck

If you are looking for some sense of responsibility but aren’t ready for a pet just yet, maybe a herb garden is the thing for you. Having a garden can be an incredibly rewarding experience, if you get it right.

Growing herbs isn’t painstakingly difficult but it does require attention. The basics really are water and sunlight but there are other factors to consider too:


If you are worried about the space, then don’t. The beauty of herb gardens is that you don’t need a full blown garden. A little pot plant, a recycled tin or the bottom of a plastic bottle will do. Keep in mind not to use pots that are too small because you might have to water it more often, since they will dry out faster.

How to plant it

The soil in which you grow the herbs is important. Soil is not just some dirt, it needs nutrients. A suggestion is getting some proper potting or garden soil, or even compost.

Once you have the correct soil, fill up your pot to approximately half way. Place your seeds on top and then cover them with about two to three cm of more soil. Be sure not to compress it to allow the seeds room to grow.

When watering

Make sure there is a draining system for each pot so you don’t drown your herbs. The best way to do this is to have a hole about the size of a 10c coin in the bottom of the pot.

When you water them, try to focus on the roots of the herb instead of pouring it over the entire plant. Over watering is just as damaging as no water at all, so try and keep a balance.

What to grow

Some of the easiest and most popular herbs with which to start off your garden are basil, parsley, rocket, rosemary, oregano and mint. These are amazing to add to your food for some extra flavour, plus you will feel like a real chef. They can also be used for fragrance and even some unique, home grown herbal tea if you’re into that.

Some herbs take longer to grow than others, so patience is necessary. Don’t forget to cut and use the herbs you grow or they will die before you get the chance.

Having your own garden can genuinely contribute to your well-being. It is not only a healthy and budget friendly idea, it’s also satisfying knowing that you had a hand in growing them yourself.

Photo sourced https://www.pexels.com/photo/healthy-sun-plant-pot-58460/

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