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Comfort and Style for Lectures!

Natalie Giquel

It is a relatively common want for any lecture-goer to want to look good. The beginning of the year starts us off with ambitions of well-groomed hair, ironed clothes and elegantly calculated accessory combinations. Now, although I admire those who strut into lecture theatres in heels and SA couture, come June I am more than ready to embrace sweat pants and sneakers.

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Looking and feeling good about what you wear any day can boost confidence and lift one’s spirit, but there isIMAGE 16 definitely an art to combining comfort and style for lecture-wear. The posing question is just how to combine these seemingly opposing forms of dress to make what you wear practical (without the unintended ‘too lazy to care’ subtext). With that being said, everyone’s style is unique. These guide lines are merely helpful tips to insert within your style, expressed in the way that best suits you!

Step one: Footwear

Image 17As many timetables dictate, one lecture venue can be on the complete opposite side of campus to the next. Movement between these lectures are pretty hurried. Uncomfortable shoes make for slow travel and a general discomfort during your lectures. So lay back with some comfy tommy takkies, slops, comfortable sandals or sneakers. This way not only can you move Image 18comfortably and get around faster, but feel more inclined to walk to the shops afterwards.
A handy tip to remember, give your sandals a little tug on connecting straps to the sole. Because sandals are often unreliable, you would rather have them break in your room than half-way up the library steps.

Step two: Don’t snub casual wear!

A simple jeans and a shirt can do a world of good when you are in a rush or not in the mood to put an outfit together. You’d be surprised at how many people go by this simple outfit choice. Don’t be afraid to rock a comfy sweater and some baggy pants, with a little effort, it can look amazing.

Step three: AccessoriesImage 15

With a simple outfit of jeans/shorts and a shirt, you’d be surprised at how quickly a few accessories can transform an outfit. So try out a cap, glasses, jewellery or an interesting hair-do to stand out. Rolling up your sleeves or jeans can also look ruggedly good.Image 20

Step four: Hair
Image 25

AImage 26s glamorous as wearing your hair down can look, it often doesn’t suit the process of taking down notes, the unexpected Grahamstown heat or look the same by your ninth period lecture as it did when you walked out the door that morning. A classic pony-tail can always work but if you ar
e feeling more adventurous that day, here are a few ideas for you to try:image 27

With these tips in mind your lectures will be smooth sailing in terms of wardrobe choices.

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