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Asking questions about poaching with The Cliptivists

Members of a new anti-rhino poaching activism group ‘The Cliptivists’ argued for their cause at a public meeting in the Environmental Learning Research Centre, yesterday, April 22.

At this inaugural public colloquium, the group implored audience members to ask themselves “what can I do?” to stem the killing of rhinos.

Mark Wilby, a film director who recently made headlines by sending his nail clippings to the Chinese embassy, launched the event by introducing the Cliptivist group; a team of five individuals who are aiming to educate themselves and others on the complex issue of rhino poaching. An issue which,Wilby stated, is so hard to tackle because it “unfolds in frightening degrees of complexity”.

Strato Copteros, a Cliptivist member, explained more about how the “living tragedy” is enmeshed in multiple social issues, and spoke about the research that the group has done thus far in order to understand these factors. Copteros stated that one step towards overcoming the problem is “by somehow getting over the challenge of explaining it.”The group also displayed a short video that introduces their team, and which hope to expand into a full documentary.
The film shows how two months ago these five members initiated their project with a visit to Thandi the rhino who survived a poaching attack. And from there, their process of self-education during an two week research period at the Africa Media Matrix at Rhodes University.

The Cliptivists intend to run their project at three levels, the first involves appealing to news media, the second is the creation of the film and the third, a social media campaign.

You can follow the group as they tackle the challenge of rhino poaching, or donate to the cause at:


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