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Clean the Mess for Instant Success

Ciara O’Donoghue

Even though you haven’t been at Rhodes for more than a month, you might find that the beautifully organised room from your first night in res is now unrecognisable beneath the clutter and mess. The multiple books, clothes and pieces of paper lying around on every surface may be convenient, but a cluttered space is not a productive one and all of that chaos can slow you down. Here are some tips on how to create a productive working environment that keeps you motivated.

Keep it clean:

It may seem like a huge task to tidy up, but an untidy space can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Work is already an effort without the added annoyance of having to sift through papers and junk to find anything. Throw away the rubbish, pick your clothes up off the floor and as soon as you have finished with something, put it away where it belongs. 

Get structured:

Organisation is essential, not only will it save you much needed time but it will help keep you calm while helping you stay on top of your work load. The best way to organise your work is by keeping it all together in one place, whether you use one general file or a few small files; put all of your work for each subject into one section and label it accordingly.  Try to reserve a space on your shelf to organise your text books, work books and files so that looking up information is quick and easy.

Colourful tabs placed at each chapter in your text books can also help speed up research as you won’t have to page through the entire thing trying to find one sentence. 

A calendar is essential. Make sure that you put all of your tests, assignments, essays and exercises for the term on your calendar and place it somewhere that you’ll see it often so that you can stay ahead, plan in advance and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Less is More

Try not to put too much on your desk; it’s nice to decorate and make it your own but keep it minimal. Basic stationery, should be kept in a pen holder along with a notepad of some kind so that it is easy to jot down information or reminders while working. Another idea is to keep a ‘To Do’ and a ‘Done’ tray on your desk for all of your work so that you know exactly what still needs to get done. 

Arrange your space:

Creativity is key. Try rearranging your furniture, experiment with space and find what works for you. Remembering to keep it neat, surround yourself with items which make you happy or remind you of home so that you feel good in your working environment.  Also create as much open space as possible so that you don’t feel claustrophobic when trying to work, as this can leave you feeling irritated and uncomfortable.

Make sure that you have enough light, sore eyes and headaches due to a bright screen in a dimly lit room are going to interfere with your work.

Creating a clean and organised working environment will give you less excuses to procrastinate and maximise your potential to get tasks done.

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