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Zuma announces Cabinet reshuffle

By Megan Ellis President Zuma has announced his fourth Cabinet reshuffle in his first five-year term. The reshuffle has seen several new appointments, with Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale and Communications Minister Dina Pule receiving the boot. The reshuffle has come a month after ANC members who did not support Zuma at …

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Residents of Ethembeni protest for service delivery

    Shouting and singing was heard when the disgruntled residents of Ethembeni (Extension 7) protested in front of the Makana Municipal offices on Thursday, 2 May. Residents were protesting for basic services such as adequate housing, electricity, water and a sanitation system. This is third time in two weeks …

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Crowd sleuthing: help or hindrance?

    Spurred by the confusion surrounding the recent Boston bombings and the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ appeal for citizen help, online communities such as 4chan and Reddit resolved to help authorities identify and locate key suspects. Sifting through the thousands of photos, audio-clips and films circulating the web, these …

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