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What is Israeli Apartheid Week?

Mishka Wazar, Suhail Adam, Zaahir Ebrahim, Ebrahim Patel, Mohammed Ismail, Rughsaar Bibi Ismail. In front of the Kaif, 09-03-2016.

Mishka Wazar | Photos by Samuel Aviles The past week has been very eventful for student activists across the country, with demonstrations and various acts of protest occurring at numerous universities in support of the liberation of Palestine and calling for a boycott of the state of Israel. Israeli Apartheid …

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[Summary] 10 March Student Parliament and SRC Inauguration

The new and rearranged SRC being sworn into their new positions.

David Richardson | Photos: Mia McCarthy Rhodes University Student Parliament and the Student Representative Council (SRC), assembled on Thursday evening to vote in new positions of Student Parliament, such as Speaker, and inaugurate the new and reshuffled SRC members. This being the first time that the newly formed Parliament was …

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Political Correctness in Tertiary Education


Leo Vaccaro University is not just all about textbooks, tutorials and lectures. It also involves experiential learning outside the classroom. A big part of that, especially in present times, is engagement with politics. If this is expressly something you’d like to avoid, then I’d recommend living on the Moon where …

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Not just another “Luister”


Kate Middleton The 4th year Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) TV students were tasked with filming and producing a 24 minute film which is to be shown on the 14th of October. The team of Campbell Easton, Nikho Mageza and Jenna Lillie came together for the project with Easton pitching …

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Stellenbosch, Where is the Love?

Logo Centred

  By Leo Vaccaro Today, roughly 2400 students from Stellenbosch University will gather on the university’s campus to ‘spread the love’. The event is a response to the Luister documentary posted on YouTube on 20 August, which has gained a great deal of publicity and stirred an even larger amount …

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