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Student Body Meeting calls for SRC to step down


By Chanel Retief An extra ordinary student body meeting took place on 4 May 2016 at Eden Grove Red Lecture Theatre.  Following recent events regarding the Student Representative Council (SRC), the primary item on the agenda was a vote of no confidence in the SRC.   800 students had to …

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#RUReferenceList: The ‘I’ vs the ‘We’


Sam van Heerden Last week, my politics lecturer, Leonhard Praeg, from the University Currently Known As Rhodes (UCKAR) Politics Department, asked the few of us who dotted the lecture room why we were there and not outside protesting with our fellow students. This was met mostly by silence. A few …

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The exclusionary nature of Graduation


Leo Vaccaro 2016 graduation came and went in a flurry of excitement, Facebook posts, and billowing black gowns.  As life on campus recommenced its usual rhythm, I could not shake the feeling of irony surrounding graduation and its accompanying rituals. Everything about Graduation, from beginning to end, either screams privilege, …

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Chapter 2.12: the campaign against rape culture


Mishka Wazar | Photo: Samuel Aviles On 11th April 2016 an awareness campaign consisting of posters relating to rape culture was launched. The posters are meant to raise awareness of the policies regarding sexual assault and rape on campus, and the prevailing attitudes of management towards rape and sexual assault …

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