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men are trash

Chanel Retief and Jessica Bokete Trigger warning: content on sexual assault and violence. 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena’s burnt body was found two weeks ago in Lyndhurst. After going missing on the 28 April 2017, her parents appealed to the public to ensure the safe return of the young woman. According to …

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Growing up female and black!

Michelle May  Growing up a girl in the black community comes with a lot of rules, expectations and pressure. We are expected to act a certain way, to do certain things and even sit in a particular manner. When curiosity piqued as to why things were so, the only response …

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Is there an “anti-makeup” culture at Rhodes?


Chloe Osmond “Isn’t she beautiful?” I ask aloud to my friends one day, referring to a female student with beautifully contoured cheekbones, expertly winged liner and shimmering, golden eyelids. “She’s wearing so much makeup”, comes the response. It’s clear they regard this as a negative thing. They don’t see the …

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