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Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift-ing Again

(Image:  Tenor.com)

Chloé Osmond After about 3 years of silence (riding out that 1989 dollar no doubt), Taylor Swift has finally dropped a new single, Look What You Made Me Do, ahead of the release of her upcoming album Reputation. I don’t know about you but when I first heard it I …

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The Top 28 Tweets from Last Night’s Grazzle


 Kim Burrell  Last night’s debate was a colourful event with the candidates for presidency, treasurer and secretary general all presenting their manifestos to the student body. The event had its fair share of interesting moments and comments. Activate has looked through its twitter timeline to curate a list of the …

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Engineering the Future

source: OurCloudedHills.com

By: Jomiro Eming (@jomiroeming) Geo-engineering, refers to any process involving the deliberate intervention of humans into the planet’s natural systems in order to counter-act the effects of climate change. The large-scale operations of this nature can include anything from as simple as afforestation (planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide levels) …

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#RUGrazzle17: Everything You Need To Know


Kim Burrell  With the Barratt lecture theatre filled way over capacity and the crowd singing, the Grazzle of 2017 began. Each candidate was allocated four minutes to make their presentations and told they may only answer two questions each. The crowd disagreed with the number of questions and demanded five, …

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Five Ways To Be Healthier


Josi-Fay Salvadori As students, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits, habits that can cause you to feel tired, weak and simply demotivated. We tend to stay up late, finishing last minute assignments, binge drink (because that’s what most of us are really here for) a couple of …

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