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Activate’s Top Ten Money-Saving Tips


    Photo sourced from kabloor By Kyran Blaauw Saving money can be a challenge – especially when the student budget is already so tight – and bad financial habits don’t help. Having already mastered the art of a good time, it’s time for Rhodents to get money savvy.  Here …

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Price of petrol vs Grahamstown student life

By Sam Spiller Petrol has recently gone up by a whopping 47c. For motorists, this is a huge jump in price and according to economists, it’s the start of an overall increase that is going last a while and cost our wallets our fortune. Of course, this is anything but …

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Avoiding procrastination in 5 simple steps


By Michelle Laver Tick. Tock. Deadline hangs over you as you find yourself starring into the only connection between you and the university hand-in. As you sway your mind to the right, the stack of assignments piled high-up on your desk cause your stomach to twist in agony. The tips …

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Rise of the crossover hatch

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

Sam Spiller Over the past few years, the motoring world has seen the emergence of a new segment that appears to be catching on with drivers across the country and indeed, if you keep a watchful eye around campus, with students. Originating with Volkswagen and the release of the Cross …

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