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An eye for an eye, and the world goes blind


This article previously appeared in Activate’s 29 September print edition By Nina Moonn When scrolling through one’s Facebook feed or any comment section in relation to someone having committed a serious crime, there is always a large part of the thread dedicated to people insisting that capital punishment, the death …

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Thinking about Rhodes?


Mitchell Shaun Parker If you are considering a degree in the Humanities, there is no better place to study than Rhodes University. Featuring incredible English, Politics and International Studies, History and Anthropology departments (among others) and the state of the art School of Journalism and Media Studies – if you …

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[Humour] Friends, Rhodents, Countrymen – a call to arms.


Nina Reinach | Photo sourced Friends, Rhodents, Countrymen. The weekend of of Tri-var is upon us. Some may refer to this daunting challenge fondly as “Rhodes Christmas” or as the youths know it today: “Intervarsity”. However, the rest of us war veterans know and understand the gravity, and seeming impossibility, …

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Re-thinking Africa Day


Ciara O’Donoghue| Photo Sourced from Flickr Improved unity, solidarity and communication between the African States, liberation from colonial rule and the promotion of human rights for all African people.  These were the main goals of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) when it was first established on the 25 of …

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A Background on Africa Day

The African Union Flag

Leo Vaccaro |Photo Sourced from Wikimedia Africa Day (also known as African Liberation Day) celebrates the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) which was established in 1963. It is also a day to acknowledge the progress of African states including their past and present challenges. In that time …

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