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The View from Lemonade.

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Chanel Retief (@chanel.coco12) It’s difficult to believe that it has been over two weeks since both Beyoncé and Drake released their latest albums. It’s also amazing to see that, even after two weeks, people still seem be reacting the same way they did when both albums were released. This speaks to the …

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Feminism for All?


By Jessica Bokete (@jess.bokete) What is feminism? What is white feminism? What is intersectionality? These are questions that heard too often, and to understand the feminist movement, it’s important to explain the difference between intersectional feminism and white feminism. White feminism is mainstream feminism – think of it as ‘one size fits …

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What it’s like to be asexual at Rhodes


 Chloé Osmond At the institution currently known as Rhodes University, sex exists everywhere. It’s talked about like it’s the centre of every relationship, the climax of the “wild night out” story and, at times, it’s spoken about like any other activity, no more meaningful than the act of putting on …

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