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BDSM – It’s not as weird as you think!


Chloe Osmond BDSM doesn’t receive much mainstream representation, and when it does, it’s usually the bad kind. If Fifty Shades of Grey is your only point of reference on the topic, I urge to you to begin your education anew. Let us, however, not dwell on the sins of E.L. …

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How to use your Vac for the Greater Good


Frances Housdon  Many of us have probably considered volunteering at one time or another outside of community engagement projects. The posters up in the English department motivate you to teach English in Korea, or the adverts on your newsfeed promote what appears to be easy and affordable volunteer work building …

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Local Is Lekker: The G-Town Growing GemBean


Chanel Retief What started off as a way to earn pocket money, became one of this 20-year-old’s biggest pride and joy. In the beginning of 2015, Bachelor of Social Science student Gemma Scholtz started her own jewelry business known to students everywhere as GemBean. When one says students everywhere, they …

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Breaking down the White Saviour Complex

white saviour complex

Jessica Bokete At first, I didn’t understand what people meant by the term ‘white saviour’. Most people wouldn’t see the problem with a white person coming into a space, which is predominantly people of colour, and helping the people there. I suppose before we actually break down the problem we …

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The View from Lemonade.

KkSbfQXH_400x400 (1)

Chanel Retief (@chanel.coco12) It’s difficult to believe that it has been over two weeks since both Beyoncé and Drake released their latest albums. It’s also amazing to see that, even after two weeks, people still seem be reacting the same way they did when both albums were released. This speaks to the …

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